Talk and book signing: The Dolphin, this doctor of the soul - A NEW NEUROSCIENTIFIC APPROACH

Olivia de Bergerac has a PhD in Literature and Psychology from France and an MBA from Australia. She is a business trainer specialised in stress management and a French teacher at the  Alliance Française de Sydney.

She has written a book in English called Dolphin Within: Awakening Human Potential published by Simon and Schuster, in Japanese, Deutsch and finally in French by the Edition du Dauphin.  

Olivia has been living for years with free dolphins in Australia. She researches the effects of dolphins on humans by testing the brain and hearts of humans before and after dolphins encounters.

The results show that dolphins alter the human brain frequencies and heart rhythms. Would they teach us to live happily?

Come experience it for yourself on Thursday 20 April at the Alliance Française de Sydney. The dolphins will be present through films and the rhythm of your heart can be tested thanks to a special software!