Quentin Dron Exhibition

From 4 to 29 September visit the Alliance Française de Sydney to have a look at the Quentin Dron Exhibition.

About the exhibition

Quentin likes to juxtapose two opposing ideas. His universe is colorful, childish and joyful and he loves opposites, duality and oxymorons. Everything appears to be normal. But take a closer look and you’ll see that something is troubling.

Quentin’s exhibition comprises of three distinct sections: "History," a series of portraits that retrace the main periods of Humanity,  "Cowboys Vs. Cosmonauts," artworks that immerse you in these universes through revisited movie posters, panoplies and tote bags (printed especially for the exhibition), and finally, he plays on the form and content in a series of illustrations on cardboard cutouts.

About the artist

Quentin Dron is a French artist and a trained artistic director in the fields of illustration, graphic design and motion design. After work experience in the Parisian world of advertising, he had a revelation; he needed to go back to basics. Quentin recently relocated to Australia and is now based in Marrickville. Shortly after his arrival, he began exhibiting and selling his artworks at Hypmotive Hub, a shop that supports local creators. In parallel, he finished writing the script for his first graphic novel, which he hopes to be able to publish next year.