Adolie Day Illustrations

Meet our illustrator!

With an Applied Arts degree under her belt, Adolie Day began her career as a textile designer for children's brands, collaborating with prestigious partners such as Catimini and Kenzo Kids. Following this, she became a freelance illustrator which saw her work on projects across diverse industries including fashion, advertising and music (notably, illustrating the cover art for multiple Lilichou albums). During this time, Adolie also exhibited her drawings in France, UK, Italy and the United States.

Throughout the years, her style has departed from appealing to mostly younger audiences to incorporate more sumptuous and feminines curves. The larger-than-life characters that she portrays burst with life and personality, underpinned by her characteristically lively graphic marks. Presently, Adolie is most well-known for her drawings which straddle the two dimensional world of line drawing and the realm of photography, integrating images of real-life objects into her compositions to create truly unique and playful works. 

Adolie continues to work on several projects, which include stationery, luggage, children's play (Clairefontaine), press (Glamour), advertising, fashion, a chocolate box collection, and a crunchy recipe book (with Vincent Guerlais).


Monoprix, Alliance Française de Sydney, Culturespace, Samsung+Elite modeles Paris, Chanel, Glamour, Ferrero, Unesco, Villa Ephrussi de Rotchild, Etam + Undiz, L'Oréal, Mairie de Vincennes, Skittles, Dyson, Glamour mag, Lenovo, Le Particulier, Vincent Guerlais, Galeries Lafayettes, Amazon, Mattel, Leonidas, Kenzo kids, Pom d'api shoes and Swatch. 


Flammarion, Margot, Marabout, Editions courtes et longues, Clairefontaine and Blue art.

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