Fondation Alliance Française


For more than a century, an increasing number of students of all origins have been attending the Alliances Françaises.

The mission of the Alliances Françaises is to:


1883: “The National Association for the propagation of the French language in the colonies and abroad” is created by Paul Cambon and Pierre Foncin

1884: Eminent personalities such as Ferdinand de Lesseps, Louis Pasteur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne, and Armand Colin join the committee of the Alliance Française de Paris. The very first Alliances Françaises open in Barcelona, Senegal, Mauritius and Mexico.

1889: The first Alliance Française in Australia is created in Melbourne.

1902: Opening of the first Alliance Française in Montreal and creation of the foundation of the Federation of the Alliances in America are created.

1919: In Paris the highly popular “École pratique de langue française” is opened boulevard Raspail.

1940: The records of the Alliance Française are taken to Berlin by the Nazis.

1943: The French school of Paris is closed by the Nazis during the Second World War. The General de Gaulle delivers a speech in Algiers where he reaffirms the Alliance's mission.

1944: The Alliance Française de Paris is reopened.

1979: This is a record year for the Alliance Française de Paris: 32 000 students are registered.

1983: The centenary of the Alliance is celebrated in the presence of the French President, François Mitterrand.

2007: The Fondation Alliance Française is created and recognised as a public interest organisation. The Fondation is the moral and legal reference of Alliances Françaises.

2019: The Alliance Française is 136 years old.

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