Kanako Illustrations

Meet Kanako, our talented illustrator:

My name is Kanako, I have been working as an illustrator in Paris since 2005. I was born in Tokyo but I have also lived in Brazil, Finland and then Hawaii.

I graduated from the Fine Art University of Tokyo; I started working as an illustrator during my studies. I realized then that my job would be illustrator: Taking orders, drawing for the clients, combining ideas, design and creativity. I thrive in working under client obligation rather than personal leisure.

Muddled memories about my travels, sights and exotic smells is a motivation for my work.

When I set up in Paris, I found the job that made me well known and it enabled me to work as an illustrator: working for ‘My Little Paris’

I like to sketch and sublimate the Parisians girls; their slender silhouette and their cheeky, proud demeanour.
I have illustrated two books about Paris and I had the honour to be exposed to the heart of Paris in summer 2013.

Since I have settled into ‘Marie Bastille’s’ agency in 2009, I have been working for a variety of clients- from fashion industry to charity in France- also clientele in Japan, USA, Canada and Australia.

Among my several clients, I had the privilege to work for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Dior, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Cacharel, Ricola, UNICEF, Alliance Française de Sydney, Ricardo’s magazine, Rose’s magazine as well prestigious publisher; PUF, Vigot, Le Chêne, Hachette, Pocket, Le Livre de Poche…