Meet the welcoming Alliance Française team who will assist you on your journey to learn French.


General Manager: Philippe Ostermann
Director of Studies: Denis Morandet
Finance and Administration Manager: Dominique Giovanangeli
Business Development and School Activities: Madelyn Choong
Membership and Certification Coordinator: Virginie Rubio
Educational Officer: Pauline Tournou
Kids Courses Coordinator: Sophie Jarre
Marketing and Events Manager / AF French Film Festival Manager: Morgane Blondel
Marketing and Events Coordinator: Chloe Gunn
Head of Media Centre: Cécile Reyes
Librarian: Clémence Rentet
Front Desk Manager: Marie-Aude Francoul
Front Desk: Kelly Roditis - Virginie Le Lay - Caroline Seltz


The teaching staff is comprised of 30 native French speakers.
Together they teach over 700 students in each 8 week session.


The Board of Directors consists of francophone volunteers who are elected annually.
Their varied backgrounds assist the Alliance Française in carrying out its core activities such as education and cultural events.  

Lyn Tuit (President)
Frédéric Venière (Vice President)
Christophe Hoareau (Treasurer)
Gareth Dando
Marie Varnier-Gittard
Marie Chrétien
Rose Guerin
Allan Woodley
Dominique Barbeau