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"I am in the conversation class which I adore. She is a brilliant teacher and I love the mix of both speaking French and looking at aspects of French culture and history."

"I'm very impressed with the quality of teaching at the AF. The Reception Desk is great too!"

"My teacher is exceptional, full of passion and experience in teaching and empathetic towards new learners."

"The teachers & staff are all very friendly & do their best to make it an enjoyable experience. I find it really nice that the teachers speak French for the everyday conversations, questions & all general communication."
'' This is my first experience of the Alliance Française, and has been a great experience so far. The class is friendly, the level for me is perfect, I can understand a great deal of what is happening in the class but it is also stretching my vocabulary and knowledge considerably. Our teacher is calm and patient and corrects where appropriate without interrupting the flow of the class members' speech. 

''Our teacher creates a fun learning environment where we all feel safe to try without worrying about making a mistake. This is really important, and really rare.''

''The Alliance Francais teachers are still the best!
They are
creative, friendly and above all entertaining