Perception: A Photo Exhibition

This exhibition is dedicated to artist Jean-Philippe Gilbert's father, who now lives with about 20% of his vision left.

Perception explores the world of visual impairment and how some visual diseases can dramatically alter your point of view.

With works taken from an arial perspective, in black and white, saturated in colour, from up close and at a great distance, all of these shifting perceptions are intended to raise awareness to the plethora of ways people can perceive the world when living with different stages of blindness.

All profits to charities of your choice. 

How to order a photo? Buy a photo to help people with visual impairment.

Order any photograph from the exhibition and all profits will be given to selected charities or associations helping people with visual impairment. Among them: Guide Dogs Australia, Blind Citizens of Australia, The Fred Hollows Foundations etc. 

  • $100 for each A3 Print 
  • $50 for each A4 Print

To purchase a work, contact Jean-Philippe at or call 0424 630 770.