protecting our coral reefs: The importance of international relations

What is being done to help save our Coral Reefs?

Learn about the current state of the world’s coral reefs (with particular focus around Australia and France) from coral biologist and marine bio-geochemist Dr Emma Camp. Following this, uncover the role that storytelling can play in engaging the international community to take action and enact change from French journalist, virtual reality film director and producer Sophie Ansel.

Notably, Sophie will discuss the importance of reporting on scientific research and discoveries (like those uncovered by figures such as Dr Emma Camp), drawing from her personal experiences working on the Great Barrier Reef and acting as Field Producer and Cameraman for the acclaimed Netflix documentary Chasing Coral.

Glass of wine included upon arrival.


Dr Emma Camp is a coral biologist and marine bio-geochemist with research interests in the role marginal reef environments (e.g. mangrove habitats) can play in understanding the impact of future climate change on coral reefs.

She is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Research Award Recipient (DECRA) and Chancellors Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with Associate Professor David Suggett in the Future Reefs Research Program within the Climate Change Cluster (C3).

Emma is a National Geographic Explorer and 2019 Rolex Awards for Enterprise Associate Laureate. She is also a United Nations Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This honorary position undertaken in September 2018 will last for two years and will her  work with the UN to advocate for #Youth2030 and the SDGs.

Alongside her research, Emma enjoys photography and communicating her research to the wider public.


Sophie Ansel is a storyteller and adventurer, delivering stories through the medium of film, Virtual Reality, journalism, books and novels, radio and documentaries. She has a deep love for exploring different cultures and defines herself as a human rights and environmentalist advocate. Her many experiences in places all over the world have led her to discover values of courage, solidarity and nobleness in people deprived of power and of voice, yet armed with an incredible resilience and will to survive.

Sophie birthed a great concern for the environment as a result of seeing the destructive activities of humans on the natural landscape as she explored oceans and tropical rainforest. After directing TV reports for the French Television in Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia and Thailand, Sophie co-produced with Seaview 360 a series of 5 films for the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in 2015 before working as a field producer and camera operator on the Chasing Coral documentary. She produced another film in Monaco before directing VR Film Out of the Blue narrated by legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle.