The joy of writing: a liberating approach to the world


The act of writing is determined by multiple factors. In the particular case of professional writing – for instance journalism – the approach is defined by the constraints of the profession.  Sometimes, poetry writing is also linked to formal and aesthetic constraints. It comes out as a more private form which arises from the depths of the author’s personality.

The inspiration, creation and poetic state are rather uncertain and intangible concepts that make us face what we like to call artistic creativity. These two types of writing share a mutual feeling of happiness that can be difficult to grasp: the joy of writing. By expressing or confiding ourselves, reporting facts, understanding, feeling etc… we are in a position of sharing, especially when the conditions of aesthetic success are brought together. The human liberation will then be achieved as a result of sharing, generosity, giving, disinhibiting, and excellence. It can be said that new vision of the world is then revealed.

About Mr. Hachimi Idrissi

Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi was born on the 14th of August 1956 in Casablanca. After completing his PhD in Geography at the University Paris I- Pantheon-Sorbonne, he then pursued a career in  media in Morocco and abroad.
In the early nineties, Mr. Hachimi Idriss collaborated with many radio stations in France and was one of the pioneers of the development of intercultural communication.
When Mr. Hachimi returned to Morocco, he worked as a columnist reporter and editor for the weekly Maroc Hebdo International.
In 2000, Mr. Hachimi Idriss founded the prestigious francophone newspaper Aujourd’hui le Maroc, which has been among the most read newspapers in Morocco over the last few decades.
Mr. Hachimi Idriss has also served in 2007 as the President of the Committee of the National Awards for Media and Journalism and in 2008 as the President of the Moroccan Federation of Press Publishers.
He has been appointed General Director of the distinguished Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) in June 2011, and also currently serves as the President of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies.
Beyond journalism, Mr. Hachimi Idrissi is also a literary figure in Morocco. As a writer and poet, he has published a selection of poems and literary collections such as La foi n'est convoquée que les jours de fête (Faith is only convened on feast days) or L’intuition et la Preuve (The intuition and the proof).