Book Signing: The Blue Rose by Kate Forsyth

History is once more brought to life in spectacular fashion with the latest novel from Kate Forsyth, paralleling the turbulent times of revolutionary France and the secrecy of Imperial China. Join us as Kate discusses her personal and historical inspirations underpinning this evocative tale of endurance, love and triumph. 

Fascinated by revolutionary France since reading The Scarlet Pimpernel as a child Kate has always wanted to write a novel set in this period. However it wasn’t until she stumbled across details of the real-life quest to bring red roses to Europe that the seeds of The Blue Rose began to grow.

It is through the impossible love story of French aristocrat Viviane and Welsh gardener David that the reader is guided into our past. Weaving the events of revolutionary France amongst the adventures of the British Embasssy expedition to China, Kate explores the differences between eastern and western cultures of the 18th Century on a personal level. From details of the women’s march on Versailles, the first popular uprising of women in the world, to China’s refusal to trade with Britain except on their own terms, Kate demonstrates the events of our past that still resonate with current times and reveals the continued importance of fighting to change the world for the better.

Glass of wine is included upon arrival.