With apple season fast approaching, the Four frogs are celebrating with traditional cider degustation and cocktails, along with special matching crêpes and galettes.

A little known fact, is that creperies throughout France serve the traditional pairing of cider and crepes. French cider or “cidre”, is 100% natural and made from bittersweet apples which are grown in the perfectly cool regions of Bretagne and Normandy in Northern France. These particular apples produce a cider much different from Australian cider - it is low in acidity, well-balanced between fruity and bitter notes and often, lower in alcohol content. The crisp cider and decadent crêpes compliment each other remarkably well.
It is no surprise why the French have been doing this for years!

This month, Four Frogs will honour this French tradition with their Cider Month Special. We’ll be featuring two of the finest French ciders, Ecusson and Kerisac, as well as a refreshing cocktail.
It is the perfect opportunity for you to find out what this magical pairing is about!

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