Alliance Francaise de Sydney - Ciné Club: Murphy's Law

Ciné Club: Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an adage that broadly states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy's Law is therefore a variant on the law of maximum mess that says that anything that can screw up, will screw up.

After four years in prison, Elias is carrying out his social reintegration in a hospital, where he works as an orderly. In five hours, his probation will come to an end. He can set out on a new life and forget about his past. But he neglected to take into account Murphy's Law and its delightful raft of maximum problems. Because stolen diamonds might just play a part in prolonging his probation. The diamonds' owner, who has just had them stolen from him, has been admitted to ER. Rudy, one of Elias’s former cellmates, who knows quite a bit about the jewels, has also been admitted. The Ortega brothers, raving mad gang bosses, want to kill him. The hospital becomes their HQ. It’s not long before the cops also arrive and sense that something shady is going on. General panic. From then on, nothing goes Elias’s way. Trouble is his second name: Detective Verlun dreams of handcuffing him; his boss, Dr. Moreau, doesn’t take kindly to his initiatives and would gladly show him the door. Lastly, the cherry on the Murphy’s Law cake: the diamonds are still nowhere to be found. As to Elias, he tries to save everything he can against hell or high water: his skin, his friend, his job…