Talk: The unexpected benefits of BiLINGUALISM

Everyone knows that learning another language is useful, but to what extent? Aside from extending to a number of significant social, educational and even economic advantages, in what other ways can learning another language enrich your life?

Join us for this fascinating panel discussion where leading experts Dr Robyn Moloney (Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies and Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University) and Dr Alice Chik (Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies at Macquarie University who specializes in informal learning, digital literacies, and multilingualism) weigh in on the different and unexpected ways that bi- and multilingualism can impact your life, for the better.

Glass of wine is included upon arrival. 


Dr Robyn Moloney

Dr Moloney was a languages teacher in schools for many years, and more recently a language teacher educator at Macquarie University. In both these roles she worked to achieve transformation in student and teachers' lives through language learning. In her research and publications she has investigated teacher and student development and how to achieve quality learning. In the recent book " Multilingual Sydney", Robyn, Dr Alice Chik and Prof Phil Benson present studies which investigate many different aspects of multilingualism across Sydney.

Dr Alice Chik
Alice is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Studies who specializes in informal learning, digital literacies, and multilingualism. Her primary area of research examines language learning and multilingual literacies in digital environments. She is especially interested in exploring how language learners construct and direct their autonomous learning in informal contexts. Alice is also a leading member of the Faculty of Human Sciences Multilingualism Research Centre. Her particular interest in multilingualism is public discourse, representation, and narratives of everyday multilingual experience. She is the lead co-editor of ‘Multilingual Sydney’ (Routledge, 2019). A free e-resource for language teachers, 'Languages of Sydney: The people and the passion' (Candlin & Mynard) is expected to be published in Oct 2018. Her recent projects can be found on