French Social Golf Club

The French Social Golf Club is a community of golf enthusiasts playing a variety of courses in the Sydney area.

Established in 1996, the French Social Golf Club brings together amateur players of varying golfing abilities who like to play nice courses with great company. As the name suggests, most members are French but not only, Francophiles of other nationalities are also regularly hitting the little white ball alongside their favourite golfing frogs.

The FSGC organises one round of golf a month in the Sydney area, on a different course each time (think Saint Michaels, Moore Park, Mona Vale etc.).  They organise an informal social competition to spice things up, and the winners of the day go home with a bottle of wine or golf balls.

There is no joining fee or membership to play with the FSGC. Members are just part of a mailing list and are notified of the next rounds that have been organised. Turn up, hit the ball, count your score, enjoy the 19th hole and repeat one month after, that’s the FSGC routine in a nutshell!

Interested in joining the FSGC?

Contact and they will let you know of the next rounds they are playing.