Le Petit Theatre Sydney present their new production: Jeux de Lois (Bending the Rules).

After their near sold out shows last November ( \We ain’t here to be there) and June (an adaption of Pagnol’s Marius), Le Petit Theatre Sydney returns to the stage of King Street Theatre, Newtown. Jeux de Lois (Bending the Rules) is a compilation of 6 short French plays that explore a common theme: rules. An admiral, a constable, a maid, a teller, an examiner, a jeweller ... and plenty of others. 18 colourful characters will bend the rules for 2 hours. Entertainment guaranteed. The plays are performed in French, with English surtitles.

Un geste pour Un Autre (Strange Manners, Jean Tardieu) The people of No-Name Isles pass their time at mundane parties where one spits, inflates balloons and kiss each other's feet … Their customs are a bit strange … or are ours? 

Le guichet (The Counter, Jean Tardieu) One counter, two people. It all started with a simple inquiry. Starting with the meaning of life and what surrounds us. However, where is this counter? 

Un bain de ménage (Bathroom Antics, Georges Feydeau) The maid Adelaide has prepared a bath for her Mistress, Laurence… How can a bath evolve into domestic dramas? 

Le permis de conduire (Driving Test, Jean Yanne) A sadistic and indifferent driving examiner uses his recklessness to scare drivers away... until he meets one unique driver! 

Le Juré (The Juror, Georges Feydeau) A crazy jeweller is chosen as a juror... Will her power bring justice or ruin lives?

Le Gendarme est sans pitié (Ruthless Constable, Georges Courteline) A small town constable enforces the law in his own special way, complicating life for the public prosecutor Boissonnade, and sallying the reputation of a rich baroness. Will common sense prevail against this ruthless constable?

The performance will be played at King Street Theatre for 5 shows from Tuesday 14 November to Saturday 18 November at 7:30pm. Tickets are available online at:

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