Karakorum, A Musical Journey


The ‘medieval world folk’ ensemble, La Camera delle Lacrime, joins the Brandenburg in a performance that follows one man’s quest to convert the Great Khan to Christianity in the Mongol capital, Karakorum. The man was William of Rubruck, and this theatrical musical voyage is based on his manuscript and itinerarium.

Be transported back to the 13th Century on an expansive musical journey, exploring Christian, Islamic and Eurasian worlds. A small Brandenburg Choir joins La Camera delle Lacrime, who perform on an eclectic range of rare instruments, for a moving performance of forgotten hymns, melodies and chants.

This haunting show will evoke each of the remote locations on William of Rubruck’s vast trip. Cross from west to east, from concert hall to theatre – on a mysterious, cultural, and spiritual journey.

The narrator of the show will be the famous Australian actor David Wenham. 

Karakorum, a musical journey is "an aesthetic and philosophical musical reflecting on the confluence of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism " 
Le Monde 7.02.2018



Source: www.brandenburg.com.au/concerts/2018/karakorum-a-musical-journey/