Leaves by Steve McGrath

“You can’t let your best friends turn 50 all by themselves...”

It’s party time from Tuesday 19th November until Saturday 29th at the King Street Theatre, as three old school friends, Chas, Harvey and Wilbur, celebrate turning 50.
In this world premiere of Leaves by Steve McGrath, director Markus Weber and co-producers Théâtre Excentrique and King Street Theatre invite you along on a dark and hilarious lost weekend.

Chas has arranged Harvey and Wilbur to join him on a camping weekend in a remote paradise. As they attempt to celebrate turning 50 years old together, their expedition takes a muddy detour during a feast of booze, beef and barbiturates. It’s the sort of weekend Wilbur would describe as the bastard child of Waiting for Godot and Picnic at Hanging Rock...Will they make it to Monday morning?

Gerry Sont plays Chas, the romantic real-estate agent, Steve McGrath is Wilbur, the neurotic psychiatrist, and fellow actor Martin Ashley Jones is the playboy lawyer, Harvey. The accomplished and charismatic cast is sharply orchestrated by Markus Weber, who brings his Austrian virtuosity to this philosophical tale of lost dreams and the passing of time. Markus wraps the whole production in his expressionistic light and set design.

This second offering from Théâtre Excentrique demonstrates the company’s drive to entertain and challenge audiences with unusual pieces of theatre. Leaves is also the vision of the King Street Theatre manifesto to “Nurture all Arts to live - rather than just survive.”

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