Murder Party at the Maritime Museum

An Evening of Adventure: April 27

A gala event, a heinous crime, suspicious circumstances and a cast of dubious characters. Do you think you could solve this crime? 

Murder Most Foul

For one night only, the museum will be the host site for Murder at the Museum – a ‘whodunnit’ that will test your skills as sleuth among the high-stakes world of art and culture.  

Bring a friend, form a team and join us for the event you just might have to die for.

An Interactive Experience

Experience an evening with a difference as you go from room to room in the museum, solving a murder. Experience a behind-the-scenes adventure as your story takes you from the surveillance room, the interrogation room, the evidence room and the forensic room.

Win Prizes

Not only will you have the chance to become Miss Fisher or Mr Holmes for the evening, you'll also be in the running to win prizes, from Sydney By Sail and Alliance Francaise.