Team Unicef World Run

On the 19 of April 2015, Running Heroes organised the very first connected race in the world: UNICEF Heroes Day. On that day, 5 552 runners ran 10 kilometers in 36 different countries, raising 132,715 euros for UNICEF to help protect and educate the most vulnerable children.

Following this huge success, Running Heroes and UNICEF decided to launch the second edition: the Team Unicef World Run. This second connected race is a 10k race to complete between 0.01am and 11.59pm on Sunday the 15 of November 2015 by team of 4 runners. You choose your route, wherever you are, running with your GPS application or GPS device.

Participating in the Team Unicef World Run is a unique experience: all the training sessions count! All the miles ran between the subscription and the day of the race are taken into account. This way, you get the chance to show your friends and family your involvement, by sharing with them your team page and asking them to support you with a donation to contribute to the UNICEF initiative!

A live map has been created to see how each country contributes to this project. Together, let's make French people living in Australia proud!
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