ODE TO THEIR WORDS ART EXHIBITION                         

Ode To their Words is a series of cyanotype prints on traditional Caribbean and African cloth.

This series pays homage through portraiture to French speaking Caribbean and African writers who have contributed to enriching francophone literature.

It interrogates the role of cyberspace in facilitating online discussions that have sprouted self-awareness, self-determination and empowerment throughout the French speaking African Diaspora.

Ode To Their Words aims to celebrate the importance of postcolonial francophone literature through contemporary alternative photographic practices.

Kevin Diallo

Originally from the Ivory-Coast, Kevin Diallo is a Sydney based artist and photographer. In 2016, he graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media (Honours) from the University of Technology Sydney.

His work explores the representation of African people in Western media, the cultural tension that it creates, and the power structures existing between Africa and the Western world. Kevin is principally interested in the mechanisms by which West-African culture is appropriated, stolen and marketed by Western popular culture and the fashion industry within a postcolonial context.

His work also interrogates, the notion of authentic African art in relation to contemporary art, art institutions’ binary politic, and the possibilities and potential that offers African new media art practices.

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