Subs reshapING France AND Australia’s strategic and intercultural dialogue

This "contract of the century” is reshaping the Franco-Australian relationship in the South Pacific and its intercultural discourse.

Today, Cherbourg is home to the largest concentration of Australians ever seen in France. Once under British rule, this Normand city known for its naval construction of submarines, is pivotal in establishing a new partnership between France and Australia.

This conference will cover the role of the media and its approach to Franco-Australian cultural differences, including news of French institutions such as the École de Guerre introducing intercultural programs to draw a closer understanding of its allies (which include Australia in it's top five). This talk will also highlight how this "contract of the century” submarine program (due to last for 50 years) and President Macron’s elaborated Indo Pacific strategy will have a profound change on both countries.

There will also be discussion on the Pacific Forum held in August 2019, which illustrates the difficulties that French territories and Australia face (particularly regarding Australia's continued coal mining), in relation to pacific islands heavily affected by global warming and climate change. Solutions will be debated, including the need for both nations to embrace these concerns and vulnerabilities voiced by Pacific islanders.

Glass of wine included upon arrival.


Emmanuelle Crane is a geopolitical analyst, commentator and a specialist on intercultural issues in the defence industry. She consults and advises on international relations, justice and exploring peaceful solutions to conflict through the practice of restorative justice.

Born in the USA to a French mother and American father and having lived in Australia for more than a decade, she holds three nationalities and has not only lived intercultural diversity, but also spent her life in research in this area. She trained in management resulting in an MBA (1995) and social sciences holding a PhD in Anthropology (2010). She currently lectures for the University of Paris Descartes and previously for the Sorbonne University both at Master level. She has leveraged her academic career into a lucrative career in journalism and advising on intercultural issues.

Her 15-year journalistic career includes working for SBS (Australia’s multicultural radio and television network) and JapanInfos (a newspaper dedicated to the Franco-Japanese relationship) among others. She is particularly focused on the intercultural discourse between Australia and France where she assists governmental departments and companies to harmonise cultural differences. She is a regular trainer of French and foreign officers from the Ecole Militaire in Paris and is currently enrolled in the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN) in the Political Defence session.

Her vast experience across culture, defence and conflict resolution is what makes her uniquely placed to provide fresh views into developing a successful and international presence for growing companies in our rapidly changing geopolitical environment. It’s no longer enough to make financial projections and watch the quarterly profit and loss. Companies need to think more broadly about what really leads to success.