Talk: The Amazing Taste of France with Gabriel Gaté

Explore France through its rich and diverse gastronomy, in this fascinating foodie journey led by celebrated French Chef Gabriel Gaté.

France is internationally recognised for many aspects of its culture, including its cinema, art, literature and fashion (to only name a few). However perhaps at the heart of French culture resides its most important and defining characteristic, one which shapes the everyday rituals and practices that underpin the lives of all those belonging to the French community; la gastronomie Française.

Join us for a wonderful journey through France, where Chef Gabriel Gaté will explore the magic of French gastronomy, region by region. From Bretagne to Provence, Alscace to Basque, explore different areas and their specialities, and the ways in which these goûts régionaux interact with the local landscape and geography.  

ABOUT Gabriel Gaté:

Gabriel was born in France in the Loire Valley in 1955 in a small village where his father grew all the family's vegetables.  He first learned to cook from his grandmother and later served his chef's apprenticeship under Master Chef, Albert Augereau, at 'Jeanne de Laval' in the west of France.  He then worked at the renowned Paris fish restaurant, 'Prunier', at London's Berkeley Hotel and in Paris under  Alain Senderens at L'Archestrate, the celebrated 3-star restaurant.

He met his Australian wife, Angie, when she was studying French at the Sorbonne and they moved to Australia in 1977.

Gabriel has written twenty four cookbooks.  Titles include French Cuisine for Australians, Family Food, Good Food Fast, Television Recipes, Good food for men, How to teach kids to cook, Délicieux and So French So Sweet.

Many of his books have been national bestsellers and sales have reached well over the million mark.   'Good Food for Men' won an Australian Food Writer's Award, while both ‘Anyone Can Cook’ and ‘The Chocolate Lovers’ won the award for ‘Best Children’s Cookbook’ at the World Gourmand Awards in France.

Gabriel has presented cookery on television for forty years. Some of his television credits include 'The Good Food Show'  ABC 1989 and also many many segments on national lifestyle programs.  In 1991 and 1992 he presented Channel 9's national daily cooking show 'What's Cooking', and for more than twelve years he presented a weekly cooking segment with Bert Newton on Channel 10's national morning show, 'Good Morning Australia'.

In the last 15 years Gabriel has produced and presented ‘Taste le Tour with Gabriel Gaté’, a series of gourmet segments on French food and wine shown nationally on SBS television during the Tour de France bicycle race in July each year.