DELF Practice Sessions

Give yourself the best possible shot with official practice sessions

Practice papers from France Éducation international to help you prepare for the real DELF exam

If practice makes perfect, then completing a practice session in the lead up to your exam is an excellent strategy for success. A test run allows you to experience official exam conditions, familiarise yourself with the examiner's questions and discover where to focus your attention to ensure the best possible outcome during the real deal. 

Together with France Éducation international, we invite exam candidates to prepare for success with official practice sessions. Experience the exam ahead of time and be graded by the examining authority.

A1-B2 levels

Writing & listening sections

DELF (Tout Public, Junior & Scolaire)

Official exam conditions

Marked by DELF exam authority

Benefits of a dress rehearsal

Boost confidence 

Familiarise yourself with exam conditions and procedures a la française

Know what to study

Fast results help identify areas for improvement for further study

Prepare for success

Work on your time management and improve your concentration

Manage any nerves

Enjoy the certainty of knowing what lies ahead


Registration will be confirmed once application form and fees have been received by our customer service team. 

As in the official exam, candidates will receive their practice session timetable via email one week prior to the date.

Registration may be cancelled and a refund issued up until the session registration deadline. 

See upcoming sessions for details. Discount available for members and students in DELF Preparation courses.

Alliance Française de Sydney Centre

A1 - 60 minutes | A2 - 70 minutes
B1 - 85 minutes | B2 - 105 minutes

Indicative marks will be delivered within 10 business days of practice session

Please note: results of practice sessions cannot be used for visa applications or in any other capacity.  


School groups: 

Please send an email to organise exam sessions for school groups of more than 5 students.