Competitions For HIGH Schools

Our competitions enable NSW French students to apply their language skills in a creative manner. Students demonstrating a talent for French have the opportunity to win great prizes kindly offered by our sponsors. All winners will be invited to attend our annual school award ceremony in November.

Register now so you don’t miss this great opportunity to improve your French in a fun and original way!

Level: From Year 7 to 12
Registration: Enrolment dates TBA
Submissions of students’ work are due on a date TBA.


For more information, please contact our school coordinator by email at or by phone at 02 9292 5712.


$15 per student


Click here to download the registration form for this competition.  

+ French recipe

Present your best recipe in French, in a creative way by using 'Padlet' with numerous medias: text, pictures, short videos, audio recordings.

Available for Y7 and Y8

Individual and group enrolments (up to 3 students per group)

+ Soirée ciné

Create a short film in French on this given theme: "Catastrophe en classe de Français". Choose the genre (e.g. comedy, drama, crime...), write a script and then 'Lights, Camera, ACTION!'

Available for Y 11 to Yr 12

Individual and group enrolments (up to 5 students per group).

+ Photonovel

C'est ça la France. Get inspired and show us what France is for you in a creative photonovel. The story has to be told by a series of photographs, using speech bubbles or captions to show what the characters are saying and to explain what is happening.

Available for Yr 9 to Yr 10

Individual and group enrolments (up to 3 students per group).

+ Option chanson

Cover and perform a French song from the 2017 Alliance Française selection.

  • « On écrit sur les murs » de Kids United
  • « C’est ma terre » de Christophe Maé
  • « On dirait » d’Amir

To add a bit of challenge, you'll be asked to re-write/change 1 verse of your choice.

Available for Years 7 to 12

Individual and group enrolments (up to 5 students per group).

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