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Students' testimonials September 2014

"Our teacher was excellent".

"Couldn't ask for better teachers!"

"I like the courses with very friendly teachers".

"I love learning French here. The teachers are so funny. I have recommended it to many of my friends."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I found staff and teaching method to be fantastic I would highly recommend AF to anybody."

"I love my weekly experience at Alliance Francaise  - every person who works there is willing to speak French and help improve the students."

"So glad I joined :)"

"Thank-you very much for a great experience. My teacher is veryaccomplished. She explains grammar points very well, and I definitely learnt heaps throughout the session. Merci beaucoup!"

"I think that the Alliance Francaise is very good value for money."

"Je suis tres contente."

"I love learning French at the Alliance.keep up the good work."

"I am very impressed with the Alliance Française. All of my tutors have been very helpful and friendly, fostering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in class!"

"The teaching staff have been really great and a source of quality teaching."

"Thanks for great lessons!"

"I think the range and variety over the last few months has been veryimpressive. I also commend the media centre for their client focus."

"I love AF! Keep up the quality of your work & service!!"

Students' testimonials March 2014

"My teacher has been fantastic. She's a very clear and engaging teacher and is an absolute hoot! The classes have been lots of fun.
I have found all of the teachers to be exceptional. I love borrowing books, videos and CDs from the library."

"My teacher is excellent. She is very patient and adjusts our learning to our individual needs. She makes the class fun and makes us talk a lot which is what we need when we are not otherwise immersed in the language. She is very creative and gives us lots of variety in the lesson from speaking, written, audio, presentations,etc."

"Having a branch at Chatswood has been very important for me. I would not have been able to travel into the City and would not have joined Alliance Française otherwise.
I have been very impressed with my experiences so far with Alliance Française."

"Friendly tuition, well-paced interactive classes, interesting and varied teaching styles, and high quality teaching at all levels."

"I love the Alliance Française library and frequently borrow books and DVDs there. The girls taking care of it are lovely!"

"I really enjoy the structured nature of the courses. The goals of each session and the homework and revision mean I feel like I am making real progress."

"Great service and awesome Sydney institution that I always speak highly of to anyone interested in anything French!"

"I think the teachers are all very experienced and well-qualified and do not waste a minute. All aspects are covered, ie listening, speaking, writing, etc."

"The immersion style of classes has been fantastic!"

"Alliance Française, c'est fantastique! Keep up the good work!"

"My teacher is very competent and enthusiastic and makes the lessonsfun as well as educational. I can see my french language ability improving.
The other students are very friendly as well."

"Like the standard of fellow students and use of Smartboard. Excellent teacher. Good balance of grammar and conversation."

"My teacher is divine, communicating word meaning in a charming, animated way and never needs to resort to English. Also, had some handy short cuts (particularly on the subjunctive!) which illuminated the grammar related aspects."
"You have the best teachers. They are all so different, yet I have enjoyed every single teacher. Each session, I feel like I found my most favourite teacher, and then I get a new teacher in the next session and I think: I found my new favourite teacher! They are all wonderful :)"

"I have loved every second of my course and will be back for the next one!"

"Thank you Alliance Française de Sydney! You rock!"

Students' testimonials 2012-2013

15 November 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level B1

'We wish to commend and thank our teacher for her hard work and dedication to our class for the previous two sessions (Session 4 and 5 2013). Our teacher is highly professional and worked hard to ensure that we all made progress in the class despite the fact we were at varying levels of proficiency. She regularly sought feedback from us on her teaching and made sure that our learning throughout both sessions was focused on the needs of the class. She was happy to tailor lessons according to student needs and provided opportunities to revise previous content. In addition, she made time to mark and provide feedback on extension activities for students. During class time, our teacher used a variety of teaching strategies to ensure that we were continually developing our French skills. Her ability to explain complex grammatical structures was particularly appreciated. Our teacher promoted a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in the class which further supported our learning. Her passion and enthusiasm for the French language and culture was inspiring to her student and we hope to be able to experience and enjoy her teaching again in the future.'

5 May 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level A2.2

The reputation is very high around the world, and the teachers are all native French speakers. I also enjoy being able to borrow from the media centre (although I don't know if other schools have this as well). The option to do weeknight or weekend classes also gives a little flexibility to being able to attend classes.”

3 May 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level A2.2

“The quality of teaching and the classroom technology is significantlybetter than other schools. Also there is very little English spoken during class, which I find really helpful. My teacher has been really great at explaining French grammar without jargon and in a way that everyone can understand.”

30 April 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level A1

“AF's reputation as THE place to learn French, the standard of teaching along with the many cultural activities available to students/members makes it stand out.”

29 April 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level A1.2

The total cultural approach. I like that there are links with movie festivals, that there are other cultural events, and the students I have studied with have been great - from really diverse backgrounds.  I have really enjoyed my sessions.”

24 February 2013
Standard Courses' student - Level A2.2

“I like that the Alliance Française takes care to grade new students before starting - I had learned French at high school so didn't want to go into a new beginners class where I would repeat what I already know. Now that I have done the course, I am very impressed with the methodtoo - we learn new words and grammar every week, but it is seamlessly linked with the course themes and content.”

20 October 2012
Standard Courses' student - Level A2

“French is popular and they are the only real alternative with all the resources.  A bit like the Fitness First of the French Language.”

19 October 2012
Standard Courses' student - Level A1.1

"J'adore Alliance Française. I like the professionalism, and the structure. I don't feel lost. I feel like I can keep getting better and betterand there will be a course that suits me."

18 October 2012
Standard Courses' student - Level A1

"I have a real love affair with France, French and French culture born from travelling there and meeting genuine good friends in France. The AF is the closest I feel I can get to France whilst in Sydney and relished going there and hearing the lovely language being spoken - in my first few weeks I'd just come home from a trip to France andit *almost* felt like when I stepped out I would be back in Paris (unfortunately not so...).I love the teaching method - rather than the rote learning some of my friends do at their language schools, or sentence structures that are very specific and not so practical. "

18 October 2012
Standard Courses' student - Level A2.2
French native speakers who also understand Australian English well enough to know the particular traps we can fall into. The level ofenthusiasm displayed by all the staff - teachers and administrative - is fantastic and it’s always a pleasure to arrive at Alliance Française. 
In terms of the teachers for this session, both Pascal and Nicolas were both very enthusiastic and encouraging despite having different teaching styles. From what I’ve heard of other language schools, the teachers at Alliance Française appear to be a very good standard. Nicolas in particular went out of his way to ensure that the class was grasping concepts and would spend a lot of time outside of class marking our homework and providing very useful feedback to the students on an individual basis. He was exceptionally well prepared for every lesson. Pascal’s classes took a more relaxed approach but he was veryhelpful with getting the pronunciation just right even if some students didn’t always appreciate that. He was a good source of knowledge on French culture and traditions. Again- you tend not to get that unless dealing with native French speakers.”

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