French Blog

The French Open Tournament: Roland-Garros

An opportunity to immerse yourself in French heritage while enjoying the Australian coverage of this tennis grand slam.

Vive le Festival

Enjoy the magic of French cinema, all year round, with a hand-picked selection of past Festival favourites. Streaming now on SBS On Demand.

The Best of 2021: French Music on Spotify

A selection of new music from the past year to enrich your learning of French - or simply to be enjoyed.

Recipes for the ultimate French baguette

Here's how to get delicious, fresh French bread in your home all year round. 

What is "la rentrée littéraire"

Book-lovers with a passion for all things French will want to mark this event in their calendars... 

Evolutions of a Living Language

How many of these new French words, updated definitions and evolved pronunciations are you already using? 

Our favourite French shows on Netflix

Because every opportunity for immersion is an chance to learn.

French and the Olympic Games

You can expect to hear a great deal of French during the coverage of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - and here's why!

How to make Australia more bilingual

For Australian students who do undertake language learning, it’s not only cultural and social attitudes that can act as a barrier to bilingualism, but also availability and accessibility of language programs in our schools.