Healing Nutrition - by Yves

Yves will share with you the secrets of the French. You will learn how powerful and delicious food can be to improve your health and your mood, all while eating for pleasure. You’ll know what foods to eat to maintain a healthy weight, help heal/prevent/recover from specific health conditions, fight anxiety or depression and slow down the anti-ageing process (a beautiful skin starts on the inside!). Yves is convinced that we can all enjoy his positive approach and joie de vivre, without having to fly you over to Paris (even if he would love to). Adair, one of his clients, recently wrote to him: “Over the past 10 years I have been left feeling so UNinspired by many food movements in Australia. Juice diets, paleo, fasting, detoxing! Yuck! I started to HATE food. What a shame. Food is one of life's great joys. Anyway, I started to reconnect with food through reading your blog posts and embracing the French way. So, Thank YOU for inspiring me once again. Our family life revolves around the kitchen table and it is a joy to enjoy food."

Yves Calmette is an award-winning health promotion expert, nutrition coach and Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador. A born and raised French man now based in Sydney Australia, the art de vivre, the art of eating and the principles of food as medicine were the pillars of his upbringing, built on a long family heritage – his great grandmother Marguerite, his inspiration, was a popular cook and healing practitioner in the south west of France during the 1920s. Yves knows nutrition can be …sexy. Oh la la! Whether you’re 25 or 95, he’s committed to make you feel and look great through food even if – like him – you don’t want to live off green juices and raw kale.

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