Room Eight

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Escape Rooms are a fun, team adventure game where players must try to figure out how to escape the themed rooms by finding and utilising objects hidden around them to solve a series of puzzles and riddles before their 60 minutes runs out.


After an initial briefing covering the general rules, a short video will introduce the room’s storyline and give instructions on how our unique self-guided clue system works. The gamemaster then leads the players blindfolded into their Escape Room.

Once the door closes, the team removes their blindfolds and begins exploring the room, looking for clues and solving puzzles and challenges, as they work towards their escape. The game master will monitor the team and if need be, assist them via the audio system.


A Packhunt is Rooms Eight's own unique variation on a scavenger hunt. It's an outdoor challenge which is part scavenger hunt, part Escape Room and part adventure movie.

Your group will need to follow the story on your phone by downloading the ClueKeeper app, and head to various locations around Manly solving puzzles whilst unlocking and revealing more clues hidden within backpacks and bags you'll be carrying.

The ClueKeeper app will allow you to work at your own pace by selecting hints, or skipping clues as you go.

You'll be awarded points for each correct answer, with a possible maximum score of 200 available.

On the day you'll start at Room Eight and be given all the gear you need for your hunt along with the start code to begin. The hunt will be finished either when the time is up, or when you return successfully to Room Eight.

When you make your booking you'll be given more information on what to bring on the day.