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Nina et le renne de Noël

de Nicola Killen

Loups tendres et loufoques

Oui-Oui - La grande parade des jouets

Il va pleuvoir

de Anne Herbauts


de Tanguy de Kermel


by Fanny Joly and Joelle Boucher


by Nathalie Infante

Online Resources

Bout de Gomme

Learn to speak like a native with activities and exercises designed specifically for French school children

Kids Atelier Activities

Find Dargaud's list of irresistibly fun activities to do at home with your children!

Hugo l'escargot

Explore this extensive collection of child-friendly recipes, learning resources, fun games to play, nursery rhymes and so much more. Let their imaginations and creativity soar!

Palace of Versailles

Experience the beauty, magic and opulence of Versailles without leaving the house. Enjoy a virtual walk inside the Hall of Mirrors and more

Ecole des loisirs

Find plenty of stories for young children from Ecole Des Loisirs, told in short online videos on Vimeo!

Ecole Positive

Access free materials to assist with reading and spelling but also stories and books to help kids relax, be kind to one another and share their feelings and emotions

Tivi 5 Monde

Keep your kids endlessly entertained; aimed at French-speaking children aged 3-12, this innovative service is the first entirely free, fun and educational online TV station.

Henri Des Stories

Take a listen to a beloved children's songwriter Henri Dès' dedicated radio station, with songs about universal themes like children's daily life attending school, going to bed and spending time in the playground.

Papa Positif

More than 100 stories to listen to at home for the entire family! We invite you to enjoy all those resources at home with the whole family!

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