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The Alliance Française de Sydney is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange since 1899.

With an ambitious mission to spread the French language and culture well beyond the borders of France, it is one of the 834 Alliances Françaises existing in 132 countries all over the world and the most reputable place to learn French in Sydney.

Situated in the heart of Sydney in an attractive building designed by the famous architect Harry Seidler, the centre offers French courses, holds cultural events and includes a media centre and a French café. The Alliance Française also offers French courses for kids and French courses for adults at the Dougherty Community Centre in Chatswood, where they offer the same French courses as the CBD branch for North Sydneysiders.

Since 1989, the Alliance Française de Sydney has organised the annual Alliance Française French Film Festival. This prestigious festival has become a very important event in Australia with an exponential increase in attendees every year. In 2019, attendees totalled 197.093 across Australia and 65,505 in Sydney.

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