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We are the oldest and the most trusted French language school in Sydney, and are proud to bring you all your French needs under one roof. Put your learning in our expert hands, and enjoy the wide world of French that opens up.





Why learn French over any other language? 

There are so many excellent reason to learn French instead of Spanish, German or any other language. Here are our favourites:

A vibrant calendar of major international events

There is always something exciting happening in the Francophone world: the French Open Tournament, the Tour de France, the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the Cannes Film Festival and more. Did you know that French is also the official language of the Olympics? Whatever your interests or hobbies, there's something French for you to enjoy. 

France is the top tourist destination in the world

90 million international tourists visited France in 2019. If you also feel the pull to discover City of Light (or Love), marvel at the impressive chateaux or wish to bask in the sun on the South's Mediterranean beaches, be sure to learn French and gain a whole new level of appreciation during your next trip. 

Enjoy the full richness of French and Francophone cultures

Knowing French will unlock an even deeper appreciation of culture - particularly of France's renowned cinema, gastronomy and theatre - as you experience it in its intended form and enjoy the subtleties that can get lost in translation.

Already spoken by 300 million people world-wide, French is on the rise

French is spoken across all seven continents, is the official language in 29 countries, and is spoken in another 24 countries as a second official language. With the number of French-speaking African communities on the rise, it is estimated that 700 million people will be speaking French in 2050!  After English, French is the most-learned language in the world. A lively and vibrant community


Is it difficult to learn French?

While learning French certainly requires effort and discipline, you might be surprised by the amount of French you already know, simply because you speak English. Nearly 30% of words in English are of French origin, and many others closely resemble French words because of their shared Latin heritage. 

At Alliance Française de Sydney, we are experts in helping you overcome any challenges or hiccups you may encounter during your language-learning journey, giving you the confidence and the practical skills to live your best French life.

Class in session at Alliance Francaise for students learning French easily and quickly

How long does it take to learn French?

You are generally considered an independent and competent user of a language when you reach a B2 level. If you follow our courses, steadily progressing from an absolute beginner to a confident user of French would take you just shy of 3 years.

Someone reading a book in French library

What are some ways to fast-track my progress?

Throughout your learning journey, give yourself every opportunity to be immersed in French. This will help you expand your vocabulary, develop an ear for the accent, and increase your confidence. There's so much you can do, so why not: 

Enjoy the leisure and learning materials in our Media Centre
Revel in the finest of French cinema at our French Film Festival
Tune into French radio or listen to some curated French music playlists
Connect with our large Francophone and Francophile community at events
Complement your learning with some apps to revise course content

Can you learn French effectively online?

There seem to be more and more apps and podcasts which promise to help you learn French online quickly, easily - and for free. While these tools can certainly help you rote learn vocabulary and complete grammar exercises, there really is no substitute for the personalised support and individualised feedback that comes from learning with a French teacher. 

Our award-winning online learning model is proven to be a very effective way to learn French online. In our live classes, you'll be guided to achieving your learning objectives, immersed in French and will enjoy speaking French in meaningful and authentic interactions. You will also have a carefully-curated selection of activities to complement your learning, available for you to complete at your own pace on our e-learning platform. Our courses are completed by a French learning app, which releases weekly activities and material according to what you studied in class. With all of this, you can be sure that - yes, it is possible to thrive learning French online.


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