Why learn French with us?

Here are some fantastic reasons....

Wanting to learn French? Perhaps you're a complete beginner, considering various apps and weighing up your options for learning French. Or maybe you're wanting to dust off your school French and make some progress. Wherever you're at, look no further than Alliance Française de Sydney. 

We make learning French fast, easy, convenient - and most importantly, enjoyable! 

With everything you need for your French journey all under the same roof, the choice is clear: learn French with the French experts at Alliance Française de Sydney.

Facade of the Harry Seilder Alliance Francaise de Sydney building on Clarence St Sydney

1. The heart of France in Sydney

Whatever you're after, find it at Alliance Française de Sydney. We are your one-stop-French-shop, bringing you: courses for every member of the family; an engaged francophile community; the city's largest French library; the capital's only certified French exam centre; translation services; delicious croissants and chouquettes at our ground-floor café; exclusive offers and discounts with the finest French businesses in Sydney; and so much more. 

2. Our unrivalled experience

When it comes to teaching French, we know what we’re talking about – and we have 130 years’ experience to back it up! Aside from being one of the most well-known and reputable schools for learning French, we are part of a global network of 830 Alliance Française centres located in 135 countries around the world. Put your success in our expert hands, and let us support you through your language learning journey. 

Cascading staircase and reception desk at Alliance Francaise de Sydney Centre in Sydney's CBD, designed by architect Harry Seidler

Online learning of French language with Alliance Francaise de Sydney using Zoom and Smart boards

3. Our exceptional online learning model

We are proud to bring you an online learning experience that is every bit as good as an in-classroom course. Enjoy the convenience of learning French online and from the comfort of your own home, while making serious progress in your learning. Our online classes are delivered live through Zoom and enriched with self-paced content on a purpose-built e-learning platform, and earned a TimeOut Award in the category best way to upskill during lockdown. Our students also enjoy free access to a French language learning app to perfectly complement their coursework. 


4. Our immersive method of teaching

Learning through immersion is a proven, highly-successful technique for teaching a foreign language. This is the basis of our teaching method, and it involves guiding the class entirely en français. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but, it’s the best way to learn and improve – just like your very own stay in France! You'll be speaking and hearing French from the moment you enter our classroom.

Two women smiling together in the French library at Alliance Francaise de Sydney

Adult French class sitting in a classroom at Alliance Francaise de Sydney

5. Our capped class sizes

We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality learning experience for those wanting to learn French. Part of this involves limiting the number of students in a class to ensure you receive individualised instruction, personalised feedback, and as much opportunity to speak and put your French into practice as possible. On average, there are 12 people in our adult classes - 16 max onsite.

6. Our strong sense of community

Get involved! Our classes are full of like-minded students and teachers, all united by the mutual desire to discover (rediscover) the joys of learning French. Learning a foreign language does not exist in a vacuum; not only does it demand acquiring new words, mastering vowels or practicing grammar, it’s also about encountering culture, connection and interaction. This is why our classes are not only places of learning, they are also social arenas for sharing and engaging with others.

Two women smiling together in the French library at Alliance Francaise de Sydney

Finger pointing on a Smart Board

7. Our technology

Our modern classrooms are equipped with SMART boards and all of our teachers employ new technologies and digital learning tools. These include Web 2.0, virtual immersion tools, and mobile apps for an improved learning experience. We have an in-house, purpose-built e-learning platform, specifically designed to bring you an unmatched French learning experience.

8. Our accredited, French native-speaking teachers

Who better to teach you how to nail that perfect guttural ‘r’ or guide you through the complexities of the subjunctive than our experienced, French native-speaking teachers? With their formal, accredited training recognised by the French government, you are in safe hands with our highly professional teaching team.

An open textbook with student or teacher in the background

Wine and cheese event

9. Our focus on culture 

Learning a foreign language does not exist in a vacuum; not only does it involve acquiring new words, mastering vowels or practicing grammar, it’s also about encountering culture. This is why all of our courses draw from numerous external resources, including currents affairs, newspaper articles, film clips, books and more. We also offer a rich calendar of cultural events, year-round, to bring together Sydney's francophile and francophone communities for the finest and most enriching events.

10. Our global outlook

Take your learning with you wherever in the world you go. We teach French using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This is an international standard for describing language ability, spanning across a six-point scale; from A1-A2 for beginners; B1-B2 for intermediate students; up to C1-C2 for those who have mastered the language.

A plane flies in sky in Paris with Eiffel Tower in background

Wholegreen cafe serving gluten free bakery and pastry goods at Alliance Francaise de Sydney

And so much more...

If that is not enough to sway you (quoi?), we're also centrally located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, home to an extensive Media Centre and beautiful ground-floor café that boasts a range of French delicacies, offer fantastic early-bird discounts on many of our courses and deliver an exciting cultural event programme.

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