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The Alliance Francaise de Sydney is a not-for-profit organisation. Learn more about our values, team and corporate activities, including constitutions and financial reports through the links below.


  • The Alliance Française de Sydney embraces diversity and promotes understanding of cultural diversity through its extensive range of events and experiences
  • We collaborate closely with other organisations which share the traditional French values of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’
  • We are apolitical but steadfast in our desire to bring people together from all walks of life in a safe and respectful learning environment
  • We respect our environment as protecting our planet is key to all our futures

To view our Child Protection Policy click here.
To view our Environmental Policy click here. 
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To view the Annual report for the year ended 31st December 2019, please click here.


To view the current constitution, please click here.
To view the constitution of Alliance Française de Sydney Cultural Foundation Ltd, please click here.


To view the financial report for the year ended 31st December 2019, please click here.
To view the financial report for the year ended 31st December 2018, please click here.



Philippe Ostermann General Manager
Denis Morandet Director of Studies
Dominique Giovanangeli Finance and Administration Manager
Morgane Blondel Marketing and Events Manager/Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Manager
Chloe Gunn Marketing and Events Coordinator
Virginie Rubio Membership and Certification Coordinator
Madelyn Choong Business Development and School Activities Manager
Pauline Tournou Education Officer
Sophie Jarre Kids Courses Coordinator
Lauriane Deuff French as a Foreign Language Teacher
Charlene Barré French as a Foreign Language Intern
Cécile Reyes Head of Media Centre
Marie-Aude Francoul Customer Service Manager
Caroline Seltz Customer Service Coordinator
Virginie Le Lay Customer Service Coordinator


The teaching staff is comprised of 40 native French speakers.
Together they teach over 700 students in each 8 week session.


The board of directors is elected by the members of the Alliance Française de Sydney, and plays an important role in governance, strategy, and provides guidance for the company’s small administration team

Lyn Tuit President, member finance and marketing committees, Chair, building management committee
Marie Chrétien Vice President, member events and membership committee
Frédéric Venière
Vice President, member building management committee, member business renewal and events committees
Christophe Hoareau Treasurer, Chair finance committee
Allan Woodley Member business renewal committee
Dominique Barbeau
Gareth Dando Chair marketing committee
Marie Varnier-Gittard Member events and membership committee


To view the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting click here
To view the minutes of the 2019 Extraordinary General Meeting click here