University Exchange Programs: Study in France

An invaluable, unforgettable experience

One of the most enriching opportunities for those learning French is an in-country language exchange program.

There are many supports available to university students to help get your feet on the ground in France or another Francophone country, so that you can develop your skills and broaden your horizons. 

Benefits of studying abroad

A university mobility program offers a wide, life-changing range of benefits.

Embrace a new way of life

Get out of your comfort zone, and experience new traditions and customs

Expand employment opportunities

Boost your employability, having developed new skills and demonstrated resilience, problem-solving and interpersonal skill

Diversify your education 

Immerse yourself in a new academic setting and experience different teaching styles

Refine your language skills

Put your French to the ultimate test, living daily life - and maybe even studying - in French

Make new, life-long friends

Exchange is a transformative experience, and leads to deep friendships that last a lifetime

Enjoy travelling the world

Know another country like the back of your hand, and enjoy travelling to neighbouring countries during your breaks

Nicolas Baudin Travel Grant and Internships

Named after the French explorer and botanist who chartered the coast of New Holland (Australia) in 1802, the Nicolas Baudin Program supports student mobility from Australia to France. 

Laureates of this program enjoy:

Return plane ticket between Australia and France

Waived visa fees

For eligibility requirements, application forms and more information, visit the Embassy of France in Australia.


Campus France

Campus France is an invaluable resource for those looking to study in France. They provide advice and assistance for choosing where in France to study, selecting and enrolling in university courses, and provide advice for financing your trip. 

Get in touch with Campus France to ask any questions you may have about future studies in France.


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