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FRENCH CULTURE WORKSHOPS | High Art versus Low Art [13.08.2021]

Product Code: 2021 S4 FCW ART Int/Adv [13.08.2021] 2021

Age Group Adults
Type French Art
Session 2021 - Standard Course Session 4
Pace CULTURE WORKSHOPS (2 hours one-off workshop)
Level Upper Intermediate/Advanced
Schedules On Friday, 13 Aug 2021
  • From 5:30pm to 7:30pm at CBD
Note: French Culture Workshops are ideal for those with a desire to learn about French culture. You will use (and in some cases develop) your knowledge of the French language in order to discover a particular aspect of the French culture.

According to the specific theme of the workshop, the class can take the form of a debate, analysis of documents, hands-on activities, discussion, or presentation.
  • To promote understanding of aspects of the language, culture and cultural heritage of French and Francophone countries
  • To foster intercultural competence and encourage respect for the culture, beliefs and values of others

Workshop Overview - High Art versus Low Art

(FR) Retracer les principales évolutions de l'art dans l'histoire à travers des reportages vidéo et des textes, étudiés en petits groupes et en binômes, avant d'engager un débat en classe sur l'utilité de l'art et sur la notion d'art mineur/majeur.

(EN)Retrace the major developments in the history of art through video reports and texts, studied in small groups and pairs, before engaging in class debates on the place of art and the notions of applied and fine arts.

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