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The adult courses offer you a wide range of courses designed to suit every need and availability. You can learn French the classic way with our general courses or focus on a special theme. All of our courses are available at the CBD branch.

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Struggling with French grammar or pronunciation ? Needing some help to prepare the DELF DALF exams ? Check out our extras for extra help ! 

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Learn essential basic vocabulary and practise speaking before your next trip to France. For A1 level (beginners) only. Enrol online today!

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Please note that all our Adult courses have temporarily moved online until further notice.

Our general courses provide the best means of developing the student’s skills in French in the four core areas: speaking, reading comprehension, writing and listening. They are conducted over several sessions per year, each consisting of 32 hours.

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Focus on your speaking skills choosing among our range of Speaking courses and activities

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Develop and extend your French language repertoire through these themed workshops focusing on exciting facets of French and Francophone cultures. Topics include French cinema, contemporary music, literature, poetry, theatre, art, fashion and so much more.

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French Cinema

Uncover the fascinating shared history between the French and English language in this illuminating workshop. This connection will be explored through a variety of text and video resources, studied in small groups and pairs. Perfect for those looking to build a foundation of knowledge which can prove very useful for those seeking to enrich their understanding and learning of both these languages.
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French Linguistics

(FR) Les langues française et anglaise partagent une histoire commune qu'il est très utile de mieux connaître, car elle aide à mieux comprendre et apprendre ces langues. L'atelier s'appuie sur des textes et des vidéos étudiés en petits groupes et en binômes.

(EN) The French and English languages have a shared history, knowedge of which is very useful for those seeking to better understand and learn these languages. This workshop draws on texts and videos that are studied in small groups and pairs to reveal this common history.
Available Courses: 2

French Literature

Available Courses: 2

Preparation for DELF / DALF

Get ready for your DELF exam ! Wokshop available for B1and B2 levels. Enroll today !