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Loustics 3 Year 1 CBD

Product Code: 2020 S4 L3Y1 11:30-1:30 2020

Age Group Kids
Type Kids Term Courses
Session 2020 - Term Course Session 4
Pace KIDS TERM (2 hours per week over 9 weeks)
Level Loustics 3 Year 1
Schedules 17 Oct 2020 to 12 Dec 2020
  • Saturday - 11:30am to 1:30pm at CBD

In this course  designed for 8 to 12 years old children, kids will enhance their knowledge of the French language and culture with a range of stimulating, engaging and fun activities. Throughout the year, they will participate in learning games around celebrations ("Chocolatey" Easter, Mother's Day, Bastille Day...) and practise their communication skills to :

- Describe and compare people (appearance and personality), 
- Talk about poetry and history,
- Talk about nature and outdoors, 
- Talk about past holidays...

Please note this information is provided as a reference.
The course content may be modified at the discretion of the teacher, depending on the learning pace and the level of the class.
A morning tea with a croissant is included.

Required Course Material
$31.16 AUD
Les Loustics 3 Cahier
Les Loustics 3 exercise book is required for the Kids Term Courses "Loustic 3 Year 1" and "Loustic 3 Year 2" (10-12 years old). A CD is provided with the exercise book.

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$379.05 AUD
Approx $274.81 USD
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Normally: $399