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B1 essentials


Revise key aspects of the B1 grammar (eg. le conditionnel, le subjonctif, le plus-que-parfait, le discours indirect ou la forme passive, etc.) and them put them into practise.


Practise how to narrate a story, describe an experience and talk about your hopes and dreams through role-play inspired by the DELF B1 exam.


Refine your pronunciation and speak French like a champ!

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Product Code: 2021 S4 B1 ESSENTIALS ONSITE

Age Group Adults
Type Essentials
Session 2021 - Essentials S4
Pace ESSENTIALS (3 hours once a session)
Level B1 Essentials
Schedules On Friday, 06 Aug 2021
  • From 2:00pm to 5:00pm at CBD

The "Essentials" is a series of 3 hour workshops dedicated to the revision and use of key aspects learnt in levels A1, A2 and B1.

"B1 Essentials" will enable you to revise key aspect of the key B1-level gramatical aspects, practise & perfect your speaking skills with B1 material and refine your French pronunciation.

Whether you are at the beginning or the end of the B1 (intermediate) level, you can attend this workshops to either revise what you have learnt and strengthen your knowledge or learn new aspects of the French language ahead of your usual class.

$79.00 AUD
Approx $59.72 USD