Paris 1924 - A talk with Nicholas Whitlam

Paris 2024 - A talk with Nicholas Whitlam

What was it like to visit Paris a century ago, in 1924, when it was the most exciting city in the world?
Where were the best places to eat? Where was the nightlife? Who might you expect to meet?
And what were the fabled 'Chariots of Fire' Olympics really like? What has changed ... and indeed, what is still there?

All of this and more is swept up and revealed in Paris 1924, an amusing, insightful and sometimes salacious guide to one of the world's greatest — and most beloved — cities.
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Join us for a talk with businessman and writer Nicholas Whitlam to discover all that was going on in the year that Paris last hosted the Olympics and launched Les Années Folles.

Talk will be in English and held onsite at Alliance Française de Sydney, 13th floor

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