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General Information

This diploma is intended for non-native French speakers who wish to have their level of French certified against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for various personal, professional or academic reasons (e.g. admission into French universities). You can also use the TCF to apply for French nationality.  

This exam is available on paper only

For more information, please visit France Education International.

Exam Components Details
Listening Comprehension 25 mins | 29 multiple-choice questions
Reading Comprehension 45 mins | 29 multiple-choice questions
Language Structures 15 mins | 18 multiple-choice questions
Writing 60 mins | 3 exercises
Speaking 15 mins | one-on-one, 3 exercises

Those applying for French nationality must have all skills assessed: 1 compulsory examination +  2 optional examinations. 

University students seeking preliminary admission to a French undergraduate university under the TCF DAP (Test de Connaissance du Français pour la demande d’admission préalable) must complete: 1 compulsory examination + optional writing paper. 

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Registration will be confirmed only once the full application fee and completed forms have been received. 

If required, candidates may apply to re-sit the TCF only after receiving their results, provided there is a minimum of 60 days between examination sessions.

Registration deadlines: 

  • For February session: Friday 12 January at 4pm
  • For April session: Friday 15 March at 4pm
  • For July Session : Wednesday 26 June at 4pm
  • For October session: Wednesday 4 September at 4pm

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How to Prepare

The TCF is an evaluation of your proficiency in French. For the most comprehensive preparation, enrol in a language class at  Alliance Française de Sydney. Click here to explore our range of courses.

You can also prepare for the listening comprehension examination with the following publications:
- The official guide to the TCF, with practice exercises, published by Éditions Didier.
- TCF, 250 Activités, ”Le Nouvel Entraînez-vous" collection, published by CLE International.

Resources to aid in preparing for the listening comprehension examination, levels 5 & 6, include:
- The RFI (Radio France International) website
- The Éditions Didier website
- TV5 Monde


Results are sent to the test centre within 20 working days of receipt of the examination papers by FEI.

Mailing of Certificates

TCF final certificate will be sent by email only. 


Your TCF certificate is valid for 2 years from the date you sit the test.

Requesting a re-mark

If you are not satisfied with your TCF results in the Speaking and/or Writing sections, you can apply for a review.

You must submit a request for the re-mark within thirty days of the arrival of your result certificate at the test centre. The application form must be submitted via email to the test centre where the exam was completed.

Upon request, your paper will be submitted for double marking by a senior TCF examiner in Paris.

A fee is payable for the review of your results, which is refunded if your mark is ultimately revised. In this case, France Education International will reissue your certificate.


Your accredited exam centre

Alliance Française de Sydney is the only centre in Sydney accredited to deliver the DELF, DALF, DAEFLE and TCF series exams. All examiners and assessors are trained and authorised by the CIEP. They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.