Delf Junior

For students aged 12 to 17 years

The DELF JUNIOR is the official certificate awarded by the French Ministry of Education. It is an opportunity for students of French to demonstrate their skills and to be rewarded for their hard work at school. The exam is recognized around the world and successful candidates will receive a diploma valid for the rest of their lives. Beyond just personal satisfaction, the DELF represents official proof of the student's French language skills in a way that Francophone universities, French "grandes écoles" and future employers can appreciate.


The DELF JUNIOR exams are divided into 2 parts:
- Listening comprehension, written production, and written comprehension are tested in a collective exam.
- Speaking and oral interaction are tested in a one-on-one exam.


Alliance Française - CBD

May 2021 SESSION

Registration deadline: Friday 23 April before 4pm

Exam Exam date Price
DELF A1 Tuesday 25 May $150
DELF A2 Wednesday 26 May $150
DELF B1 Thursday 27 May $175
DELF B2 Friday 28 May $175


Registration deadline: Monday 13 September before 4pm

Exam Exam date Price
DELF A1 Tuesday 19 October $150
DELF A2 Wednesday 20 October $150
DELF B1 Thursday 21 October $175
DELF B2 Friday 22 October $175


Registration deadline: Thursday 7 October before 4pm

Exam Exam date Price
DELF A1 Tuesday 9 November $150
DELF A2 Wednesday 10 November $150
DELF B1 Thursday 11 November $175
DELF B2 Friday 12 November $175

Please note that candidates will not be able to choose their oral examination date. They will receive an email one week before the examinations at the latest to inform them of the precise day and time of their exam.

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Once filled, please send the form to


Results are emailed to you about one month after sitting the test. After this, you will then receive emails advising you when your certificate and diploma have arrived - certificates require a few weeks after test results and diplomas require a few months - so that you can come and pick them up. If you cannot come and pick them up, we can arrange to have them sent to you: you will need to provide us with an A4 Registered Post envelop with your name and address on it.

Note that DELF/DALF examiners and markers are all trained and authorized by the CIEP. They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.

Preparing the DELF Junior exam

Click here for more information on our Teenagers courses.

For school groups only: Customise your own school-based preparation course to suit your students' specific needs. Select from our range of modules, each focussed on developing one of the four language competencies evaluated in the exam, to help prepare your students for success.
Click here for more information

Terms and Conditions

Click here to see enrolment terms and conditions.

Enrolment can be made in person or by visiting the Alliance Française de Sydney website or over the phone. However, enrolment will not be confirmed until the full application fee (please consult website for the most up-to-date costs) and signed forms have been received by the front desk staff. Please be advised that cancellations and deferrals prior to the registration deadline must be made in writing. No refund, credit note, deferral or transfer will be granted after the registration  deadline

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