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UPDATE | All adult courses in Session 6 - starting Monday 25 October - will be run entirely online.


Learn to speak French

Whatever your motivation for learning French - whether it's for business or leisure - we can help you develop a comprehensive and well-rounded command of the language, in a fun, friendly and sociable environment.

Led by experienced, French native-speaking teachers and offered for all levels, this 32-hour course - available on-site or online - is designed to inspire continuous improvement in the four cornerstones of language learning: listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

Speak French with an authentic accent

32-hour course

$19.65 per hour

All levels, all year round: A1-C2 

Typically, 6-12 students per class

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Keep learning French in lockdown

Continue making progress in French and connect with our Francophile community throughout this lockdown period with our online learning experience. We're confident you'll find it every bit as good as our on-site classes.


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A1 Beginner

A1.1 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Bienvenue beginners! So, you've decided to learn French. You're a complete beginner, and are full of enthusiasm for taking your first steps into a new language and culture. We will help you master the basics and build a strong foundation from day one!

In this course, you’ll learn the basics including:

  • Greetings and introductions (Bonjour, je m'appelle Jean)
  • How to interact with others in the classroom (Pouvez-vous répéter s'il vous plait? Merci!)
  • A digestible intro to the fundamentals of French grammar, including verbs (action words) and nouns (people, places and things)
  • Communicating using numbers  (Une baguette, deux croissants et trois chouquettes s’il vous plait.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

A1.2 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

With the basics under your belt, you're ready to delve deeper into the wide world of French. With a focus on travel, this course will have you navigating your way around the city in French in no time, as you learn to:

  • Expand your vocabulary to describe yourself and your family in greater detail (Mes parents sont attentionnés.)
  • Ask questions
  • Communicate your likes and dislikes (J’aime le champagne mais pas les escargots.)
  • Indicate your destination (Je veux aller au musée.)
  • Ask for directions (C’est dans quelle direction, la gare ?)
  • Describe your mode of transport (Je prends le train.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week
A2 Elementary

A2.1 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

You've been building a solid foundation in French, and now it's time to get conversational. With a focus on daily life, this course will teach you to:

  • Communicate about your routine (Je me réveille à 8h00.)
  • Chat about your work and its requirements (Je travaille de la maison, c'est pratique.)
  • Organise outings in French, suggesting various activities and negotiating meeting times (Retrouvons-nous à 16h pour faire du sport?)
  • Accepting or refusing someone else's invitation (Merci mais je suis trop occupé pour participer.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

A2.2 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Buckle up - we're going back to the future and around the Francophone world! In this course, you will learn to:

  • Talk about memories from the past (Je suis allée en France en 2016.)
  • Plan for the near and distant future (Je vais bientôt déménager. Nous saurons bientôt qui a gagné.)
  • Plan for travel in a French-speaking country (Nous allons à Nouméa. Quel est le meilleur hôtel ?)
  • Appreciate French literature and media
  • Give general advice to others (Tu dois porter un chapeau pour te protéger du soleil.)
  •  Express your feelings and opinions (Je suis heureuse.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

A2.3 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Continue to progress in leaps and bounds as you discover the richness of French food, fashion and cinema. In this course, you will:

  • Practice ordering your favourite French dishes (J'aimerais le coq au vin, s'il vous plait)
  • Rehearse typical shopping scenarios (Combien coûte cette jupe?)
  • Become confident leaving positive and negative feedback (Je n'ai pas du tout aimé cette expérience.)
  • Come to grips with key grammatical structures designed to make your French more sophisticated, including two different past tenses (Quand j'étais jeune, je suis allé en France) and pronouns to help avoid repetition in your speech (J'aime les croissants, j'en mange tous les matins.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

A2.4 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

You're almost finished the Elementary program! This course wraps up the last of the A2 level, and prepares you to follow the Intermediate level courses. You will broaden your language skills with topics including travel and sports while:

  • Revising past tenses, ‘passé composé’ and ‘imparfait’ (Nous sommes allés à Bathurst. Il faisait très beau.)
  • Encountering two new pronouns, "qui" and "que"
  • Learning how to describe similarities and differences between a selection of things (La chemise rose est plus jolie que la jaune.)
  • Complexifying your speech with the formidable subjunctive mood (Il faut que j'y aille.)
  • Solidifying your bases with new tricks to recognise grammatical gender

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week
B1 Intermediate

B1.1 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

You've done it - you are no longer a beginner learner of French and you're charging your way into the Intermediate courses. Intermediate 1 tackles :

  • ‘Plus-que-parfait’ tense (J'avais eu un premier rendez-vous avec lui.)
  • Conditional tense (Je serais ravi de vous accueillir.)
  • Hypothetical constructions (Si vous rêvez de parler français, rejoignez l’Alliance Française.)
  • Asking questions using lequel/laquelle/lesquels/lesquelles
  • How to communicate in French in a professional setting, including talking about your work experience, identifying your skills and writing a CV

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

B1.2 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

With Intermediate 1 now behind you, you're ready to further your progress. Relish in the topics of cooking, cosmetics, vintage culture and "made in France", while exploring French stereotypes and the French education system. In this course, you will:

  • Become well acquainted with two new pronouns, "" and "dont" and posessive pronouns (le mien, le tien)
  • Learn to talk about something that is ongoing (Je suis en train de faire….)
  • Polish your ability to talk about the recent past and close future (Je viens de boire un café et je vais acheter une baguette.)
  • Clarify any confusion you may have around more advanced uses of avoir in the past tense (Ces photos? Le client les a adorées. Ce voyage? Les clients l’ont adoré.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

B1.3 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Never has the past been clearer. In this course, you will:

  • Revise the construction and use of all the past tenses in French
  • Discover topics including literature, ecology, news and media, and professional and volunteer work
  • Be introduced to the passive voice (Les livres ont été vendus.)
  • Deepen your knowledge of the conditional and the subjunctive

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

B1.4 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

The puzzle pieces are really starting to fall into place as you progress through the intermediate level. In this course, you will:

  • Explore immigration and how to navigate your way through the (in)famous French administration (Vous devez compléter ce formulaire et le remettre à la réception.)
  • Dive more deeply into the uses of the conditional and subjunctive
  • Learn to use the pronouns "où" and "dont" with confidence (C’est la fille dont je t’ai parlée.)
  • Reference what another person has said, without quoting them directly (Il m’a dit qu’il allait s’en occuper tout de suite.)

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

B1.5 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Your progress remains steady as you now near the end of the Intermediate level. This course is designed to help you refine your communicative skills in order to:

  • Suggest advice (Je vous recommande…)
  • Become emphatic and persuasive in your speech (Il faut absolument que tu ailles voir cette personne.)
  • Appear convincing in your arguments
  • Negotiate with poise, and make concessions and compromises

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week
B2 Upper Intermediate

B2.1 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

You’re now an “Upper-Intermediate” user of French, and are becoming more and more independent with each passing day. In this course, you will:

  • Complexify your speech with lequel and auxquels (Ce sont les professionnels auxquels j’ai confié mon apprentissage.)
  • Be inspired by French innovation and technology
  • Cultivate an appreciation of art, music, ballet, musicals, literature and more

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week
C1-C2 Advanced to Proficient

C1-C2 | Comprehensive

Standard Courses

Félicitations ! Your dedication and hard work have led you to speak French as if it were your mother tongue. At this level, you can expect to:

  • Sharpen your grammatical knowledge
  • Fluidify your speech
  • Broaden your vocabulary over a vast range of topics
  • Engage with your peers in lively debates and conversations, using newspaper articles, videos and radio program extracts as stimulus

Pace: Standard | 4 hours per week

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