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If you can't get enough of all things French, join one of our French Culture Workshops. Perfect for a Friday night activity, these themed workshops delve into exciting and famous facets of French and Francophone cultures, including French cinema, contemporary music, literature, poetry, theatre, art, fashion and so much more.

These workshops are run in French (unless indicated otherwise), and offer some instruction on grammar and vocabulary followed by a presentation and class discussion on the particular theme.

Enhance your cultural knowledge

2-hour workshop

Selected levels, all year round: A2-C2

Typically, 6-14 students per class

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A2 - B1 | French Culture Workshops

A Journey Through the Francophone World | French Culture Workshop


Spanning across Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and the Pacific… French is spoken across the whole world by over 300 million people. Jet set around the Francophone word on an entertaining and surprising journey, (re)discovering the dialects, cultural diversities and wondrously fun facts that highlight the richness of the French language and culture, and examine the role of the organisation tasked with its protection and promotion.

Pace: Culture Workshops | 2 hours once-off

French literature: page-turners, then and now | French Culture Workshop


(Re)discover famous French literature from Balzac, Zola, Stendhal, Colette and Proust, and briefly review a selection of contemporary French works from writers including Katherine Pancol, Guillaume Musso or Anna Gavalda.

Pace: Culture Workshops | 2 hours once-off
B1 - B2 | French Culture Workshops

2022 S6 French Culture Workshop | Women in Literature: Page-turners, then and now (Part 2)


Continue your discovery of famous French literature as you explore the female writers who have risen to prominence since the 19th century. From Collette, Simone de Beauvoir, Katerine Pancol to Margetite Duras Yourcenar, one common theme unites these strong French female writers – the importance of love.

Pace: Culture Workshops | 2 hours once-off

French cinema and comedy throughout the ages | French Culture Workshop


Embark on a brief discovery of the history and development of French cinema, noting some of the most iconic actors and films of all time. Then, dive into the world of French comedy and examine the films and actors who played pivotal roles in this genre between the 60’s and now. Study extracts of new and old comedy classics to better understand the mechanisms of French humour.

Pace: Culture Workshops | 2 hours once-off

The evolution of French fashion | French Culture Workshop


Fashion holds a significant place in cultural and social life in France, and has been an important aspect of the economy since the time of  Louis XIV. Examine, analyse and debate resources as you discover the world of French Fashion, and learn about the lives of designers from Coco Chanel to Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

Pace: Culture Workshops | 2 hours once-off