Private Tuition T&Cs


Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a Private Tuition package at the Alliance Française de Sydney (“AFS”), you are agreeing to abide by the policies, procedures and regulations of the AFS. This includes agreement with the following terms. You are also providing confirmation that the information given on enrolment is complete and correct.

  1. Private tuition is organised on a case-by-case basis. Our Private Tuition Officer works to liaise between students and teachers to find a time suitable to all parties.
  2. Our Private Tuition Officer works part-time and treats new requests chronologically in the order in which they are received. New requests are managed via a waiting list.
  3. We endeavour to respond to requests in a timely manner in accordance with operational and logistical restraints. Students and/or Guardians are encouraged to apply for private tuition at least 2 weeks before they wish to begin their Package.   
  4. All students need to submit the online Private Tuition form before the Private Tuition Officer can proceed with the organisation of their Package.

Arranging your package

  1. All sessions must be of 2 hours’ minimum duration.
  2. Private Tuition can be organised at the Alliance Francaise de Sydney, 257 Clarence street, Sydney NSW 2000
  3. Home sessions will incur an additional fee for travel expenses. These are calculated according to the distance of the location from the AFS head office.
  4. No Private Tuition can be organised outside of AFS opening hours, on public holidays or on other non-business days.
  5. Due to changing availabilities for rooms and other facilities, AFS is only able to confirm Private Tuition for a “foreseeable period”, i.e. up until a point where our timetable for Group Courses, or other events that affect our room allocations, changes.
  6. AFS primarily offers Collective and Small Group Courses as a means of learning. In our busiest periods of New Terms and Sessions a delay may be expected for the attribution and creation of new sessions.

Confirming your package

  1. All private tuition packages must be paid for in full at least 48 hours before your first confirmed lesson.
  2. When renewing a package, payment in full is required 48 hours before the first session in the new package.
  3. Sessions in a package are valid for 6 months from the first lesson
  4. Payment can be made by VISA or MASTERCARD over the phone or in person at our CBD branch location.
  5. Private tuition packages do not include textbooks or additional materials unless otherwise specified.

Modifying your package

  1. AFS requires 24 hours’ notice on the business day before your Private Tuition for modifications or cancellations to organised Private Tuition. Failure to notify AFS of any changes after this period will result in the full fee being charged for the lesson.
  2. Notifications of modifications or cancellations need to be made by PHONE via our Reception (9292 5700)
  3. Monday – Friday before 6pm and Saturday before 12pm.
  4. Cancellations on behalf of minors must be made by their parent/s or guardian/s.
  5. If you arrive after the scheduled start of your lesson, your tuition will not be extended and no refund or pro-rata adjustment will be granted.
  6. For semi-private tuition, no split of credit will be possible once the tuition has been confirmed and paid for. AFS cannot be held responsible for students’ changes in work commitments or personal circumstances when one student cannot attend Semi-Private Tuition.  

Deferring your package

  1. When a committed student is no longer able to attend class for the remainder of a package, we might be able to organise a partial credit note. Credit notes may be provided strictly in the event of one of the following unforeseen circumstances
    1. Following an accident or trauma (supporting documentation required); 
    2. Medical treatment that prevents the student's completion of the package (supporting documentation required)
  2. Applications for credit notes must be addressed in writing by email to the
  3. Credit notes will be calculated as per the decreasing price schema for Private Tuition fees. That is, the amount of credit given will be calculated according to
    1. The number of hours originally purchased in the package; 
    1. The price paid per hour for the original purchase; and 
    2. The number of hours remaining to the student on the package. 
  4.  Strict conditions apply
    1. Credit notes cannot be refunded for money; 
    2. Credit notes are valid for a period of 12 months from the date that they are processed;
    3. Credit notes' validity cannot be extended;
    4. Credit notes are not transferable;
    5. Credit notes are not valid for external products sold by l'Alliance Française such as Alliance Française French Film Festival tickets and online courses.

Cancelling your package

              • Private Tuition packages are non-refundable.
              • Textbooks may only be refunded if they have not yet been collected from front desk. 

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