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Bottli pleasantly surprises your palate by delivering a box of French wine directly to you, every month. 

With each box, explore the taste of French region by region. You will also receive information on the tasting notes, pairing suggestions between wine and food and the history of the vineyard - just like your own personal Sommelier delivered straight to your door!

All you have to do is choose your preferred experience, whether that be bubbles, organic, great vintage or good ratio quality and price - et c'est parti!



One year ago, I made a crazy bet: I decided to come to Australia to have an international experience with my husband and my 3 children aged 19, 17 and 7. After 15 years working as research scientist, I wanted to turn a new leaf and develop a project that really resonates with my interests, makes me vibrate and brings value to my life. 

Australia has been a great source of inspiration for Bottli. As my family is in the French wine industry, I felt a strong urge to follow in their footsteps, by spreading this knowledge and love of French wine to an Australian audience. 

Specifically, quintessential aspects of French wine culture such as the cork stopper, the corkscrew and the "pop" noise made by unbottling really inspired me. This is how Bottli is born.

Through Bottli, I aim to share not only high quality French wine in Australia but also the history behind their making. Each bottle is made with heart and dedication by a little French wine maker. I want to spread craftsmen’s life stories so that they may travel the world with their bottles. 

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