Pepin Wine Tasting Experiences Private & Corporate Events

Pepin wine tasting experiences offers entertaining private and corporate events that cater for all. From wine novices to the wine expert, and to suit a variety of budgets, we have experience with a wide array of events and have the flexibility to work with your needs. We can organise anything from a relaxed ‘cocktail style’ tasting to a hands on two hour masterclass or formal evening.

The choice is yours.

French wine can be hard to navigate. While our focus is on providing an entertaining experience that brings people together to share amazing wine, education is not left aside. To Pepin, Wine is at the center of the French identity and deeply rooted in the French way of life.

We hope to share it’s rich culture and tradition, the story from vine to bottle, and most importantly - the joy of drinking a good drop!

Our philosophy:

We want to make French wine approachable and fun! No jargon or tedious tasting notes with Pepin. Our classes are entertaining, lively and provide just the right amount of information -  and wine -  to give your legs a tingle and your brain a buzz!.

We do not compromise on quality! Wine is a sensory experience. Pepin carefully handpicks their wines and the selection includes classic French wines (think Chablis or Cotes du Rhone) along with some wine areas beloved by French drinkers but not as famous down under (Vouvray, Madiran...).

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Contact us:

P: 02 8003 6969