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Do you want to give your students an authentic taste of France? To boost their confidence and motivation? Look no further than our range of dynamic workshops for your next school excursion or digital incursion! Explore our range of workshops here


2 hours (flexible)
Dates on demand

Alliance Francaise de Sydney, 257 Clarence St, Sydney 2000
(5 minute walk from Town Hall Station)

Digital Incursion: 
Online workshops run via Zoom (for senior school students only)


Workshop: $37/student


(02) 9292 5700

French Culture Workshops

Découverte Culturelle 1: Get up close and personal with the French culture! Explore the geography of France through regional food specialties, learn useful tips and proper greeting etiquette in high school, locate the best places to go shopping, and listen to the top French music hits.

Découverte Culturelle 2: Deepen your knowledge of the French culture by understanding the foundation of the language and symbols of the country. Appreciate French gastronomy, discover life in a chateau, learn about a typical school day and come to love the greatest French songs of all time.

This workshop aims to break down the stereotypes about France and discover its culture in a new light: no more ‘baguettes’ under the arm and ‘bérets’. Let’s go on a six-step journey in the heart of France and get familiar with its customs and regions through its gastronomy, geography, history, cinema, music and museums.

Be immersed in the heart of French History and the 14th of July traditions. Discover the French national History through revolutionary songs, the Human Rights Declaration, the Cahier de Doléances and other French traditions.

Discover the magic of Christmas in the French speaking world. From markets and traditional foods, to jovial songs, family rituals and a Christmas craft, these fun and festive activities will have you dreaming of a white Christmas.

Exam Preparation Workshops

Calm their nerves and help your students feel prepared ahead of the DELF examinations. Your students will become familiarised with the exam format, develop effective strategies for the speaking and written components, and feel confident ahead of the exam

HSC French Beginners: Begin with a massive vocabulary brainstorm for all the exam topics from the NESA syllabus. Then, focus improving fluency & natural use of this vocabulary in order to sound like a native French speaker. Finally, be immersed into the HSC with a fun Q&A based on the NESA syllabus.

HSC French Continuers: Learn to give comprehensive and confident answers during the speaking exam; decode the examiner's questions, brainstorm vocabulary and develop structured and coherent responses to express yourself.

HSC French Extension: Develop your skills in the art of argumentation with our Survivor game. Learn to organise your ideas with logical connectives, confidently express causes and consequences on contemporary issues, and justify your point of view. Sharpen your ability to think on your feet and speak spontaneously in French with our political programs game.

Speaking Skills Workshops

Prononciation 1: The perfect introduction to French phonetics for beginners or those seeking to consolidate their French accent. Discover the international phonetic alphabet, learn to master the articulation of French vowels and consonants, and hear the impact of accents. Imitate French intonation, stress and rhythm. Recognise silent letters and understand how to use la liaison.

Prononciation 2: Refine your pronunciation in French. Learn to differentiate between nasal sounds, dig deeper to uncover “semi-vowels” and other aspects of pronunciation that are usually difficult for English speakers of French.

For students that need confidence to speak up, or for those that already have plenty of dramatic flair, theatre exercises give students a fresh perspective on speaking French. Students learn to warm up, control their breathing, and give their voice clarity.

Mystery Box Workshops

Discover our full range of Mystery Games here

Study the marvellous Palace of Versailles and its most illustrious resident, King Louis XIV. Unveil the secrets of the 17th and 18th centuries and learn some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that Louis XIV invented the lift?

Mystery Box Challenge: Gather evidence to find out who is haunting the King’s room.

In 1914, the world has descended into war. Explore the causes, the most famous battles, as well as the collaboration and bond between the French and the ANZACs. Learn about the soldiers’ way of living in the trenches and the renowned ‘poilus’.

Mystery Box Challenge: Pore through family letters and gather clues to reveal the unknown soldier’s identity.

  • Booking forms must be returned to the School Programs Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to the date applied for.
  • A minimum of 10 students is needed to open a workshop. Please contact us if you do not meet this number of students.
  • Payment must be sent to Alliance Française on receipt of the invoice. Bookings will be secured only once payment has been made.
  • Refunds cannot be issued in the event of cancellation or reduced numbers less than 28 days before the workshop takes place.
  • You are expected to arrive at Alliance Française 10 minutes prior to your workshop session with a notepad and pen for the students to work with.
  • The Alliance Française reserves the right to book students from multiple schools into the same workshop.