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Please note that all our courses have temporarily moved online until further notice.

These online one-week courses are designed for Year 9 to Year 12 students who wish to take advantage of school holidays to start learning French or brush up French grammar and vocabulary in a stimulating environment. These courses can be a substantial asset to prepare for school exams and HSC.Students are placed in a class to suit their level and needs, whether they are beginners or more advanced students.

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Available Courses: 2

Holiday A1.1

First year of French. Typically Year 7.

I am a complete beginner.

Available Courses: 2

Holiday A1.2

Second year of French. Typically Year 8.

- Have you studied different ways of asking questions?
- Have you studied articles? (ex: le cours, une classe, du lait)
- Have you studied 'la négation' ? (ex: ne...pas, ne...plus, ne...jamais )
Do you have a good command of near future? (ex: je vais parler.)
Have you studied present continuous? (ex: Je suis en train de parler.)

Available Courses: 2

Holiday A2

Third or fourth year of French. Typically Year 9 or year 10.

- Have you studied 'passé composé' and its agreements (reflexive, avoir, être)?
- Do you know 'la comparaison'? (ex: Plus..de/ Moins..de/ Plus..que / Moins..que)
Have you studied 'depuis/ il y a'?
Have you studied 'COD/COI' pronouns? (ex: Le français? Je le parle bien/ je lui parle.)
Do you know 'pronoms y/en' ? (ex: J'y vais./ J'en viens.)

Available Courses: 2

Holiday B1

Fourth or fifth year of French. Typically Year 10 or Year 11.

- Do you have a good command of 'passé composé'?
- Have you studied 'imparfait'? (ex: Je parlais.)
- Do you have a good command of present tense for all verbs?
- Have you studied superlatif? (ex: Plus..de/ Moins.. de/ Autant..que...)
- Do you have a good command of relative pronouns (ex: qui, que, dont, où) ?
Available Courses: 2

Holiday B2

Five or more years of French. Typically Year12.

- Maitrisez-vous le passé composé?
- Maitrisez-vous l'imparfait?
- Connaissez-vous le 'plus-que- parfait'? (ex: J'avais parlé.)
- Avez-vous étudié les pronoms relatifs simples et complexes?
- Avez-vous étudié le discours indirect? (ex: Il dit qu'il s'inscrira demain.)


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