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School holidays provide an excellent opportunity to rest, recharge and prepare for what’s ahead. During these fun and dynamic one-week courses, high-school students are encouraged to consolidate learning and build their confidence in a friendly and supportive environment. This is the time to gain a competitive advantage in school exams, including HSC and IB, by brushing up on key grammar, vocabulary and conversational topics, all brought to life through interactive activities and exercises.

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This holiday course is also the perfect opportunity to consolidate learning and build your child's confidence in preparation for the DELF Junior exam, awarded by the French Ministry of Education for proficiency in French as a Foreign Language. Make sure you book into one of the sessions listed below through our website or with our front desk:


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As a registered provider for the Service NSW Creative Kids program, school-aged children between the ages of 4.5 – 18 years are eligible for one $100 voucher per calendar year to put towards their enrolment into any of our Kids and Teens Courses.


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Available Courses: 1

Holiday A1.1

First year of French. Typically Year 7.

I am a complete beginner.

Available Courses: 1

Holiday A1.2

Second year of French. Typically Year 8.

- Have you studied different ways of asking questions?
- Have you studied articles? (ex: le cours, une classe, du lait)
- Have you studied 'la négation' ? (ex: ne...pas, ne...plus, ne...jamais )
Do you have a good command of near future? (ex: Je vais parler.)
Have you studied present continuous? (ex: Je suis en train de parler.)

Available Courses: 1

Holiday A2

Third or fourth year of French. Typically Year 9 or year 10.

- Have you studied 'passé composé' and its agreements (reflexive, avoir, être)?
- Do you know 'la comparaison'? (ex: Plus...de/ Moins...de/ Plus...que / Moins...que)
Have you studied 'depuis/ il y a'?
Have you studied 'COD/COI' pronouns? (ex:  Je les vois bien/ Je lui parle.)
Do you know pronouns y/en' ? (ex: J'y vais./ J'en viens.)

Available Courses: 1

Holiday B1

Fourth or fifth year of French. Typically Year 10 or Year 11.

- Do you have a good command of 'passé composé'?
- Have you studied 'imparfait'? (ex: Je parlais)
- Do you have a good command of present tense for all verbs?
- Have you studied superlatif? (ex: Plus...de/ Moins... de/ Autant...que...)
- Do you have a good command of relative pronouns? (ex: qui, que, dont, )

Available Courses: 1

Holiday B2

Five or more years of French. Typically Year 12.

- Maitrisez-vous le passé composé?
- Maitrisez-vous l'imparfait?
- Connaissez-vous le 'plus-que- parfait'? (ex: J'avais parlé.)
- Avez-vous étudié les pronoms relatifs simples et complexes?
- Avez-vous étudié le discours indirect? (ex: Il dit qu'il s'inscrira demain.)


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