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Please note that all our Teens courses will run online until further notice. 

Based on the NESA syllabus, these afternoon classes are designed for students who need to work on the four core areas: speaking, reading comprehension, writing and listening. These courses offer the opportunity to brush-up French grammar, sentence building and vocabulary in a friendly yet stimulating environment. Beginners are also welcome! 

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Available Courses: 1

Teen Term A1.2

Second year of French. Typically Year 8.

I can interact with others to introduce and describe myself and my family in a basic way.
I can ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics with some autocorrection and external help.

Available Courses: 2

Teen Term A2

Third or fourth year of French. Typically Year 9 or Year 10.

I can understand short, simple texts and information.
I can have short conversations about everyday situations, my hobbies, my plans for the weekend and my last holiday (even if I might need a little help).

Available Courses: 2

Teen Term B1

Fourth or fifth year of French. Typically Year 10 or Year 11.

I can understand the main points of clear speech about everyday subjects and straightforward factual texts.
I can initiate, maintain and end a simple conversation on topics of personal interest.
I can talk about my experiences, feelings and reactions.